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Richard K.|Newtown Square, PA

$30-40/hr 10 yrs exp 61 yrs old

Tutoring Especially For Home-Schoolers

Avg response < 7 hrs
I have been tutoring children since 1980. I love doing it and have had a lot of success teaching children. I enjoy teaching and I want my students to enjoy our lessons too. I have a great deal of respect for homeschooling and prefer tutoring those who are home-schooled. I am very good with shy or nervous children. I'm also good with children who have become discouraged and dislike doing schoolwork. I have 11 students I'm tutoring now, from my youngest student who is 4 years old, up to one who is 15 years old (I've been helping the 15-year-old since he was 10), and one adult guitar students. My after-school hours and weekends are quite full now, so I'd like to get homeschooling students or children I can work with during the day some other way.
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Reviewed by Thais B. 5/5 stars
Mr. Rick has been our children tutor for almost 1 year and I can't say enough how amazed we are by his patience, teaching style and empathy. Our 7 year old became a first grader that loves to read and write stories for fun. He was also a tremendous help with math and phonics. After a few months, our 4 years old was so excited by all the work her big brother was doing with Mr. Rick, that she he started to teach her a few minutes here and there and now she is a pre-K able to read K-1st grade books! It's not just about the academics, but the motivation and work ethics that Mr. Rick helped to instill in our children. I would strongly recommend him to any family looking for a private teacher. Kudos to Mr. Rick!
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Ann W.|Waller, TX

$50-50/hr 10 yrs exp

Certified Teacher With Decades Of Experience Offers Inspired Tutoring In W. Houston And Online

Avg response < 3 hrs
I am a certified math teacher with over 30 years of tutoring experience in addition to 15 years of IT Management experience and computer programming experience. I am a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, and I am a lifelong volunteer in my community. I believe in living a life of service. I have amassed a wealth of insight into the nuances of learning. I make it interesting and meaningful to the person I am working with. I have insight to even the most troubled learners that allows me to help them in an effective and promising way. I help students become curious, independent learners.
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Reviewed by Brandi L. 5/5 stars
Ann has been tutoring my 15-yr old son in Math for almost 6 months now and she has truly been a blessing to our family. She's incredibly knowledgeable and does a great job of meeting my son where his current skills are, but also helping him to fill in knowledge gaps so that he can continue on to more advanced concepts. His attitude towards math went from negative to positive once he started working with her. I appreciate the encouragement she gives him each session and throughout the week as well as how she keeps me up to date on his progress. Ann's culture of accountability helps my son to own his learning process and use her as a resource, not a crutch. I could go on and on, but I'll wrap up by saying that my son and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Ann and her approach to making math understandable and fun.
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How much should you pay a tutor?
If you’re looking to hire a tutor, the cost will depend on what tutoring option you choose. If you go with a private tutor, expect to pay $30 to $40 per hour for a high school student and up to $85 per hour for an experienced, certified teacher. An online tutor or tutoring agency or center can run a bit higher, but there are also reduced-cost or free tutoring options available.
How do you find a tutor?
If you’re in the market for a tutor, there are several places to start your search. You can find a tutor that fits your needs on Care.com, ask for private tutor recommendations at your child’s school or within your community, or search on online tutor boards. Pick the one that best fits your needs and your budget.
How do you prepare for your first session with a tutor?
Before your first session with a new tutor, sit down and do a little preparation so you can get the most out of your tutoring experience. Whether you’re studying for the SAT or trying to bump up that math grade, it’s important to not only communicate your learning goals and expectations to the tutor but also to bring the specific work you need help with.